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2 x 2 Cycles Motorcycle Bicycle Rack for Harley Davidson Quick Disconnect!

Designed with durability, safety and adventure in mind … our unique, patented 
2 x 2 Cycles Bicycle Rack gives you the freedom to safely and securely attach your road bike or mountain bicycle to your motorcycle!

DOT Certified, LED Brake Running Lights Kit included.

LED Brake Running Lights Kit

Quick and easy to install – it’s a breeze to create the adventure of a lifetime.

2 x 2 Cycles Bicycle Rack Features:

  • Bicycle Loads in Seconds
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Fully Adjustable Arm Fits all Bikes
  • Pedal Holster Supports Bike Weight on Crank Arm
  • No Clamping to Frame
  • Aerodynamic Alignment with Motorcycle
  • Helps Lower our Carbon Footprint
  • Handcrafted in USA
  • Available for: Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Aprilla, and Ducati.

(When ordering, you will be asked your motorcycle model).

Note: If you’re ordering outside of the continental United States, please call us so we can work out shipping costs! We do not have an automated international shipping option through the site due to widely varying shipping rates. Thank you!

$379.00 plus N.C. Residents Sales Tax.
$15.00 Shipping Charge within the U.S. Outside U.S., please call for shipping rates.




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