Customer Comments:

Took a little run to Red Rocks, our little riding Oasis 20 minutes west of downtown Denver. I was really surprised that you can’t even tell the bike is back there! You may be getting a few emails from guys out here, I got stopped by three guys at the trailhead wanting more info ;)


Hi Garrett here are a couple of pics of my new rack fitted. Looks the dogs bollocks.

Tom  (honda with focus on rear)


I bought rack from you back in May and forgot to send you a picture.

This is GS loaded with all of the things on a move from WI to Denver.

Love the rack!


Hi, Garrett.

You sent me a 2×2 Cycles bicycle rack last week, and I thought you’d appreciate some customer feedback.  Quite simply, I love it.  I have been looking for something like this for years.  I even tried to design my own version of it from an old Yakima rack, but I never felt my design was sturdy enough.  Your design is fantastic! It fit on my Shadow’s cargo rack perfectly and easily bolted down. I particularly like the lockable cam lever on the front forks for security and strap that pulls the bicycle’s weight forward.  This is an excellent product!

As I ride around the DC area with my bicycle mounted on my Shadow, it definitely turns heads. I don’t think anyone around here has seen anything like it.  When I arrived with it at my group training ride this weekend, the other cyclists were very curious about it.  I even had one guy on a Road King in traffic ask me about where I got the rack.  I am participating in several organized cycling events this season (centuries, metric centuries, charity fundraising rides, etc.), and I am sure the rack will draw interest from other cyclists when I arrive on my motorbike.  If you want to send me some of your business cards, I would be happy to share them with potential new customers.

Thank you for developing this rack and making it available for a reasonable price.  I attached a picture, as you requested.

Eric Hooker
Arlington, Va