Is it easy to install?

Installing either our motorcycle bike rack or golf bag rack is easy and takes less than 30 minutes the first time. The motorcycle bike rack and golf bag rack comes with step-by-step directions and we’re available for support by phone or email. You will also be able to view our online installation video.

Will I have to modify my motorcycle or do any drilling?

Installation of our motorcycle bike rack or golf bag rack requires no modifications to your motorcycle or bike.

What effect will it have on my bike frame, will it get scratched or stressed?

We at 2×2 Cycles, love our bikes and we know you love yours too. Rest assured we would never design a product that would do any harm to your bike. Your bike will NOT be scratched and will have NO Stress put upon it.  With our unique design, you place the front fork into the quick release on the rack, and then you lower the pedal arm into the patented saddle. Not even your bottom bracket comes in contact with the rack. The bottom of the saddle is lined with gum rubber and on the inside of the carrying arm there is a protective plug for the inside arm of the crank arm. Yes, we even protect the crank arm. That is all the contact, no stress or pinched cables and no scratches (except for the well earned ones on the trail).

Is it safe? What about wind and handling?

The 2×2 Cycle Motorcycle Bicycle Rack and Motorcycle Golf Club rack are designed to ride in line with the rider, thus keeping the balance of the motorcycle on center and at the lowest profile possible. In most cases you are the wind block for the bicycle. By nature, the bicycle is all holes, so any wind is generally going to pass through it. The rider and mass of the motorcycle will have more effect than the bicycle. After a couple of minutes of riding you will find yourself looking back to make sure it is still there.

What size bicycle will it fit?

The 2×2 Cycle Motorcycle Bike Rack is fully adjustable to fit any size bicycle – EXCEPT recumbent, tandems, and unicycles.

Where does the front wheel go?

There is a small fork arm that comes out of the carrying arm where you simply place the front wheel and tighten the quick release. After which we provide a hi-viz Velcro safety strap for added back-up.

What comes with the 2×2 Cycle Bike Rack?

You will receive the rack and all mounting hardware, including two hi-viz safety straps, one for the front wheel and one that goes over the handle bars and to the motorcycle frame. With the frame straps in use, you are removing most, if not all, the rear weight of the bicycle and are riding on the quick release only.

Where are the racks built?

They are 100% hand-built in the great USA!

What does your US shipping cost?

Please check the respective product description pages to find the shipping charge for delivery in the U.S. Please call/email us for shipping rates outside the U.S.

I do not live in the United States, do you ship to other countries?

Absolutely, we have many customers from all over the world. For internationals, we ship with USPS and rates are quoted prior to confirming order. You will need to call/email us for international delivery as processing it through our site ends up being too difficult.

I still have more questions…

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, snail mail or smoke signals. We want to hear from you and are here to answer any and all questions. We love talking about motorcycles and bicycles.


Ride Often, Ride Safe!