Where it all started…

I guess you could say I got hooked on motorcycles very early on in my life. I started riding motorcycles at age 12, having saved up enough money to buy my first bike after mowing what felt like hundreds of lawns. I spent just about every day after school riding in the woods. By the age of 16, I was doing some endurance racing, and for a while had a sponsored ride and was doing some motocross.

The 2×2 Cycles Motorcycle Bike Rack was born…

The first motorcycle rack I came up with was born like so many other great ideas …. out of necessity! I didn’t want to drive my 15 mpg truck to the locale and far away bike trails and charity rides and miss out on some great road rides without the motorcycle. Nor did I want to ride my motorcycle somewhere and see some great trails and have no bicycle. So I started working on a design that was both safe and functional, without posing any harm to my motorcycle or my bicycle.


As a serious motorcycle rider, safety has always been first and foremost in my mind so how the bike was to be carried (considering, balance, wind, etc.) were the first things I considered.

The second thing was the protection of the bicycle. I wanted to make sure that the bicycle was not going to get stressed in any area of the frame, and that my carbon fiber 5k road bike was not going to get all scratched up.

Third and lastly, I lived by my motto – “form follows function” – and designed a product that I believe met my goals. The rider is safe, the motorcycle is not compromised, the bicycle is not impacted in the least, and it is easy to install. Mission accomplished!

My hope for riders around the world…

It is my desire that the 2×2 Cycles Bike and Golf Club Racks will open the doors for riders around the world to have the adventure of a lifetime… to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds… not having to choose between golfing or riding your motorcycle, or riding your bicycle or motorcycle. As a fabulous by-product, we would be doing our part in lowering the carbon footprints and using less oil products.

I love the fact that now I get a nice ride in on my motorcycle while going to my favorite trail head or golf course. I get to enjoy myself on the course or trail, then having a relaxing ride home, and all the while I still have a couple of dollars left in my pocket for the 19th hole after the motorcycle is put away.  Who says you can’t take it with you?

Happy Riding,
Garrett Blake
Fellow Motorcycle Enthusiast