We started 2×2 Cycles with the motto, who says you can’t take it with you? We believe that you can bring all your toys on your motorcycle, and in our efforts to realize this belief, we realized we were missing something that no one’s been able to have the luxury of on their motorcycle. For the the first time, you don’t need a car to go tailgating.

The ideal MotoGrill setup consists of three main components. First and foremost, our signature racking system that is the base for all of our products. Our racking hardware attaches to the rear of your motorcycle and provides an incredibly safe and secure base for any of our attachments. Second, we have the MotoGrill itself. The MotoGrill attachment simply slides into the receiving end of the rack, allowing you to change it out for any of our other products if you’d like to take your bicycle or golf clubs with you instead. Third, is our Adventure Tray. The Adventure Tray is an all aluminum solution to bringing your cooler with you when you’re ready to go fendergating.
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  • Stainless steel

  • Propane operated (gas not included)

  • Adjustable cutting board

  • Adjusts in and out and gimbals to level

  • Backup locking system

  • Compatible with any 2×2 Cycles base racks, regardless of motorcycle or previous accessory

  • A 2×2 Cycles base rack is required to use the MotoGrill

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