Adventure is what I dream of and 2x2Cycles.com offers one of those products that a cyclist and a motorcycle enthusiast must have. The 2×2 cycle rack gives you the freedom to enjoy both in a safe secure way.

Shortly after getting the motorcycle, which is my only mode of transportation, I contacted Garrett at 2x2cycles.com. He’s a small operation but in this case small means good. Luckily for me he’s local so I scheduled an appointment to meet and have the rack installed. Garrett is a wonderful character. He’s got a warm inviting personality with a thick New England accent, the kind that makes you want to belly up to a bowl of chowder and take up knitting. He gave me the feeling that I was really taken care of; maybe it was the quality of his wares or his attention to detail.

I spent months planning an eight day motorcycle, mountain bike, camping trip with my new BMW R1200 GS, my new Lynskey M240 and it would not have been possible without my 2×2 rack. I was to start at Peaks of Otter in the Blue Ridge Mountains where my Grandfather tricked a younger me into eating frog legs for the first time. My plan was to travel down the spine of the mountain range to Beach Mountain hitting all the great mountain bike trails camping sites and generally enjoying the solitude of the mountains. Unfortunately I only got into the second day before a massive weather front thrashed the entire eastern seaboard. I promised my wife and mom that I would return home. Adventure tasted, enjoyed and postponed.

Now that I’ve had the rack for nearly a year, I just can’t imagine life without it. I ride three times per week in the offseason and more during the summer. My Lynskey is easily attached to the rack in pretty quick order. Once on, it’s rock solid. The question I get most often, and I get many many questions, is “how is that thing in the wind?” I regularly travel the highway at 75 miles per hour and I really don’t even notice it’s there.

Each weekend has 55 hours, what else have you really got to do?! Thanks Garrett, thanks 2x2Cycles.com! – Seth REI














Ryno from South Africa had this to say:

Ryno Photograph

The rack is working like a bomb! I load my track, road and mountain bike on it with ease. I sold my car 4 months ago and did not bother to replace it! Check out the link below. This was posted on a local cycling forum. Thanks again Garret for designing an awesome product! Cheers” – Ryno K.


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